Review of Essay Writing Services that come with a Guarantee!

There are several agencies offering writing services to academics and researchers for completing their college papers or essays. Here we are going to pen down some of the best writing service reviews so that you can get the answer to your question “who’s going to write my essay for me?”

Doubts arise in our minds because we are really not sure about the quality of write-ups we would receive even after we pay a handsome amount to freelance writers or writing agencies. College paper or essay writing is serious business and errors or flaws in the write-ups can result in poor grades. Thus, we will have to be entirely sure about the writers or writing agencies to which we outsource our work. Well, the good news is that there are writers who can accomplish the task without any hassles – a professional cheap essay writing service for getting the task done flawlessly.

In order to avail the cheapest essay writing service online, you will have to compare a list of agencies that offer essay help. Before you pay someone to write a paper, it is better that you read through essay writing services reviews. It will help you to choose only the best essay writing services.

Best places to buy research papers online

It is entirely legal to hire someone to write essays or research papers online, so without any worries, you can go ahead with your plan to hire cheap custom essay writing services. It has been observed quite often that people with extraordinary mind (the ones who are involved in research activities or other academic endeavours) are not very good at expressing themselves on paper. These people can hire top essay writing services and get acknowledged for their research work without having to worry about finalizing their research paper drafts.

Is it okay to pay someone to write a paper?

Well, it is quite obvious that hiring someone to carry out our academic duties might sound a bit weird or wrong. Do we really have a choice when we have to meet deadlines? If you look at it from a different perspective then the decision will look legitimate. To buy research papers is like hiring an employee who undertakes a job in lieu of a payment. Not only are you able to improve your grades but the writer would be able to make some money as well.

To help you in finding the best essay or college paper writing services, we will look at some of the popular and leading writing services. We will try to get a hang of what we can expect from the below-mentioned services if we are to outsource our writing projects to them.

Without much ado, let’s start with the college paper writing service reviews:


Paperhelp Review

Review for Paperhelp service


The writing services provided by, rationally speaking, is one of the best I have come across ever till date. There are a number of reasons behind this. First of all, here is one name, which provides absolutely cheap essay writing service, which is something that will always go down well with the customers. In Paper Help I got a service provider, which came up with absolutely world class service, without drilling any hole in my pocket. Surely, this is one of the cheapest essay writing service providers that I have found on the internet.

Fast and easy price calculation

Rational Stance in the Review

The most important USP in any review is the maintenance of rationality. This is another thing that I have found in the writing service provided by the Paper Help. Irrespective of the type of article or essay it is writing, I have always seen Paper Help coming up with an absolutely flawless and picture perfect articles and essays.

All the points and salient features thereof are discussed in depth and at length, with a smooth transition from one point to another in a seamless manner without any jerk whatsoever. Most importantly, while all the subjects and topics are discussed at length, I have never felt the boredom while going through them. In fact, I learnt a lot while going through the articles and essays and I am glad to say that each and every article that I went through actually taught me a lot and I gained more than I expected. All the credit of my learning thus goes to Paper Help.

Various types of essays covered

The most amazing aspect of the service is that it covers various types of articles. It covers SEO articles, features, press releases, academic articles, product reviews, research papers, thesis papers, white papers, and travelogues, technical and non-technical articles. The most important part of it is the fact that each and every article is written by experienced experts in the respective fields, and this ensures that the final products are absolutely top class and of superior quality from the technical and critical point of view. Hence, when I look at the articles written by Paper Help, I know that I am going through an absolutely top class and perhaps the very best written articles. Surely, Paper Help is the most flamboyant of all the cheap custom essay writing services that are in the market today.

A systematic Approach

The basic skill that makes the difference in case of Paper Help is that, irrespective of the type of article that is written, they maintain an extremely systematic approach. The writings generally start with a few words regarding the overall topic of the essays and articles that are being written. Also, the general overall look and feel of the articles are excellent and the discussion of the features and various aspects are done in such a simple, yet engaging fashion that it not only provides the readers a good notion about the subject that is discussed in the essay, but also adds a lot of excitement to the readers. Next, the language and style that is followed is simple and straight forward and are understandable to all. I will come to that later on though, in details.

A holistic approach

Lastly, the service makes sure that a wide range of topics and every possible aspect are discussed in the essays. So, in the nutshell, while writing the essays, Paper Help covers each and every aspect in a very professional and critical way, thus giving the service a holistic and comprehensive look, which has helped me a lot. Naturally, I would say that the Paper Help definitely provides the best and the most wide-ranging and best essay writing service reviews, I have ever come across.

Simple and Easy to Understand

Yes!! This is the other good thing that I liked very much about Paper Help. The articles and essays provided by Paper Help are simple and crisp, though clear and self-explanatory. I have never found any long, swinging sentences, which I had always hated. The essays are simply approached and penned with acumen, which is simple enough for everyone to understand. It is this simplicity and straightforward approach of the essay writing services reviews, which has increased the acceptability, with more and more people like me preferring to opt for the best essay writing service review provided by Paper Help.


  • Dedicated customer service team
  • 100% refund on dissatisfactory performance
  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • Easy calculator to chalk out project costs


  • Not a big range of writing service
  • Overburdened support team
  • Massive site traffic leads to slower transaction

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Evolution Writers


Review of service

Quick TAT (Turn Around Time)

The first and foremost thing that comes to my mind whenever I review the content writing service of Evolution Writers is the shortest Turnaround Time (TAT) that I have had in recent times. Recently, I needed a set of articles within a very short time, and Evolution Writers did exactly so. Frankly speaking, their quick TAT came as a pleasant surprise. From the point of delivery, I would say that Evolution Writers is the most professional essay and article writing service providers I have ever come across. This is I think one of the very few providers of top essay writing services, which delivers the finished projects without compromising the deadline and the quality.

The reason why they could deliver the project well within the short TAT was due to the fact that all the writers of the service provider know their task very well and are well experienced. This is why, they know very well what exactly they are doing, and the vast experience under their belt ensures that once they are done with the articles and essays, there is hardly any room for improvement and this is why they are able to deliver the final product in time.


This is another aspect of the essay writing service provided by Evolution Writers. In spite of the quick TAT they have zero tolerance so far as quality compromise in concerned. This is ensured by the fact the essays and articles are written by the best and some of the most experienced writers, who are specialized in every genre of content writing. Be it SEO articles, press releases, white papers, thesis papers, college papers, dissertation papers, essay, product reviews, research papers, essays, and the likes, they are written only and only by the ones who are specialists in respective genres. This ensures that depending upon the type of writing needed, only the one who is specialized in writing that type of article is bestowed the responsibility of coming up with the writing.

I am not a part of the company, but my experience with them says it all. Taking into account the class of service they provide, this is possible only if there a structured hierarchy, headed by a strong quality management. Considering the class of service Evolution Writers provides, there must a similar structure very much present, which has made the company one of the leading providers of best essay writing services of the market.

Multifarious services under one umbrella

This is another factor that I think has made Evolution Writers one of the most professional, wherein they provide all types of content and essay writing services. This ensures that we do not have to run from pillar to post for getting various types of articles written. For example, I once needed a set of product reviews and another set of press releases and SEO articles and I got both the sets, well within the stipulated time and each and every page that was delivered were superb and flawless to say the least. This again ascertains my opinion that the company has a pool of topmost writers, who are the best and the most experienced ones in their respective fields.

Chat Facility and Seamless Research Work

Another salient feature of the company, which has left me utterly amazed is the chat facility that the company maintains, so that I could get in touch with the writers whenever I needed, either to know the latest status of the work that was being done, as well as to deliver the latest updates, whenever I needed to have any last minute changes or provide any tips or suggestions to the writers. All my inputs were, needless to say, gleefully accepted and this has only enhanced the quality of the finished products to a large extent at the end of the day. On the other hand, this provides their sheer professionalism and flexible work ethics, which is extremely beneficial for end customers like us.

Fast and easy price calculation

The quality that is maintained by the writers, the content of the articles, the style in which they are written and most importantly, the strategic keywords used, simply prove that the research that is done in selecting the keywords and to pick up the contents of the articles was simply enormous. All these points to my opinion has accumulated to make Evolution Writers, one of the most competent essay writing service providers in the market today.


  • A legitimate writing service
  • Covers a vast range of services and products
  • Low-pricing
  • BBB membership is a great advantage


  • Concerns about the writing quality
  • Qualifications of writers not very bright
  • Low price imply poor skill of writers


Grade Miners


Review for Service


Here in one company in Grade Miners, who would provide me a chat facility, which gave me ample of chances to provide last minute suggestions, to the writers to make sure that they come up with exactly what I want from them. This is Grade Miners to start with – in a nutshell, which is ostensibly, one of the best essay writing services that I have ever come across. This one extremely good thing that I have noticed in them, for this makes sure that I can keep in touch with them, whenever I want and know the status of my project and I can be sure that the finished product is due in time. Also, the facility gave me to exchange opinions directly with the writers, so that there is no chance of any distortion of suggestions or misinterpretation or confusion whatsoever. All these made the timely delivery of the finished products and that also in a flawless fashion. All these points make the company one of the best in the realm of professional essay and article writing service providers, and take us to the nest USP of the company, which is – timely delivery.


Yes!! This is another aspect of the company that I would like to mention here. Seldom have I seen such a professional company, wherein they take the assignment with a clear cut mission and vision along with a distinctive deadline in place and they deliver the project well within that time limit, without any flaw whatsoever, maintaining acumen and topmost quality, and something more than I expected from them. This is professional at its best!

The most beautiful about Grade Miners is that they have absolute zero tolerance so far as quality compromise is concerned. They have a pool of some of the best and the most experienced writers and editors in place, and this proves that they are more than ready to deliver something that is more than the best, which has made them one of the best service providers in this market that is full of cut throat competition.

The most interesting part of their story is that they have the bests for all the fields of essay and article writing. Hence, be it essay writing, or writing of SEO articles, technical and non technical articles, dissertation papers, thesis papers, research papers, white papers, product reviews, press releases and the likes. Whatever the genre of the writing is, they are always up with their best foot forward and that was evident from the fact that I wanted a set of product reviews and a set of some technical articles. They came up with both of them well within the stipulated time, and that also maintaining the quality. This was possible for, what I have understood, because of an extremely stringent quality management infrastructure that is in place in the company.


As the company comes up with all the types of articles and essays, it is possible for customers like us to get any type of articles or essays and features from under one umbrella of service, at a consolidated price and at the earliest. It ensures that a considerable amount of time and money are saved at the end of the day. So we, the end-users are benefited to a large extent at the end of the day.

Again, the approach that the company has taken in its writing service is simply mind blowing. They have kept the most simplistic approach, though the structure of the writing they maintain is absolutely comprehensive and holistic. That is to say that irrespective of the topic or subject or nature of essay or article written, the structure maintained is a comprehensive one, the sentences are crisp, simple, yet self explanatory and the research that is done prior to penning the contents is absolutely exemplary and in dept to make sure that the quality is absolutely top class and more than the expectations of the customers like us.


Lastly, in spite of such professional and timely delivery, the cost of service is simply cheap, and that means they would provide service to even shoe string budget should there be any need. At least, that has been my experience with Grade Miners. Surely, they are the best essay and article writing service providers that I have come across.


  • Live chat
  • Services and products that cover an enormous range of writing
  • Low-pricing


  • Unresponsive customer care
  • Poor follow up from the company’s end after closing an order
  • Writing quality not up to the mark




User reviews for

Get the best value for money as you get your essays from

If there is a situation when you have to get an essay ready in a very short time and you really cannot think of a way out, you can pay someone to write a paper by availing the cheapest essay writing service at

The first time I heard about

In the crowd of cheap custom essay writing services, it is a boon to have that are committed to delivering excellent quality of essays that are written by their experts. I heard about them from few friends of mine who had been availing their services for quite some time and essay writing services reviews spoke very high of the services.

The first impression of the site was very attractive and appealing. Simple layout, no big jargons, and no jazzy language were used on the site which I appreciated very much. Those who speak a lot about them fail to deliver the most. To my amazement, I found a live agent on the live chat support. I was amazed as most websites that offer live chat hardly have agents to support live and you are asked to leave a message at the console for someone to get back to you.

Wide variety of services available for a number of subjects

While working with, I realized that I was actually dealing with the best essay writing website, thanks to the various services they had to offer. It was not only there for essay help, but had options of dissertation writing service, writing lab reports, writing research papers, making PowerPoint presentations and many more things.

I was a bit sceptical initially that whether they would have expertise in writing content on my subject of environmental studies, as that is not a very mainstream subject. To my joy, I discovered that this website had dedicated experts about not only my subject but for a number of the mainstream as well as offbeat subjects that are being studied in various universities of UK.

There are 50 subjects that you can get your essays written on! Essays and articles on Arts & humanities, social sciences, economics, science, information technology, applied science, law and many other subjects can be ordered here.

Getting essays written is such a simple task

Placing an order for my essays was such a cake walk on! All I had to do is to click on the green ‘Order now’ button and fill up a form. I could also leave specific instructions to my writer about the topic so that the essay gets written just the way I want it to be to fetch best grades. The form asked me about the type of work, the subjects on which I needed my essays to be and other relevant details.

Features that shocked me

They offered me a deadline of just three hours! Has anyone ever heard anything as fast as that when it comes to top essay writing services? As I did not have the sword of a deadline hanging around my neck, I selected a time limit 10 days which was the maximum they had to offer.

The impressive bonus scheme makes it all the more beneficial to get essays written from On the first order, 10% of the order value gets back to my balance and for every consequent order I get 5% value back in my balance. This is something which is very unique and very pocket friendly too.

The top features that I liked about are as mentioned below:

  • All articles are written by native English person
  • Confidentiality of services
  • Being able to stay in contact with my writer who was writing on my topic so that I could pump in my inputs as and when required.
  • Free revisions were allowed
  • The amazing customer support system that was available round the clock
  • No plagiarism as every essay was written from the scratch
  • Very affordable and competitive prices


  • Live chat
  • Only native English writer
  • Full confidentiality


  • Free revisions though promised are seldom provided
  • Low cost often raises doubt about the quality of work
  • Poor customer support

A concluding note

Getting the essays written by experts from the relevant field is something that we all look for while we go for essay writing services. It is just that not everywhere you get the right value for the money that you shell out on essays. If you are still wondering that which essay writing service is the best, you should be closing your eyes blindly and select as this is the only place where multiple users have found full satisfaction with the quality of essays that are delivered within committed deadlines.




Reviews for Essay Pedia writing service

Get quality essays from writers of

A friend in need is a friend indeed is what we have been learning since childhood. I realized the real meaning of this statement only when I got in touch with to get some of my papers written by their experts. This is the cheapest essay writing service that I know of, who provides high-quality essays within agreed timelines at a nominal rate.

I came to know about while going through college paper writing service reviews as I needed some expert guidance in writing the papers for my project. I found the reviews to be very positive and that is when I made up my mind that these are guys whom I am going to walk to and tell that write an essay for me.

The first look was impressive

The homepage of is very professional and well designed. With categorized tabs and a separate price calculator, it is very easy to calculate the price of your order. The only thing that is not very user-friendly in the web design is that the Services tab is not directly available on the home page. One has to navigate through the ‘More’ menu. You got to click the mouse a few number of times before you can take a glimpse of the services that are being offered.

Wide range of services for multiple subjects

The services that are offered at include academic writing, proofreading, admission services and many more. Before I started looking for the services, I was a bit jittery that I might find that these guys do not cover my subject which is film industry. Journals and articles on this subject are usually not available even with the best essay writing services. This worry did not last long as I found that do have expert and professional writers on my subject as well, which is not a mainstream subject.

With more than 40 subjects in their kitty, is capable of handling orders from scholars and students of any stream. From accounting to chemistry, from biology to world literature, from economic to Geology, you name it and you will get a Ph.D. on that subject ready to write your articles.

Get the best writers to write for you

Whether it is an essay or paper that is required for undergrad level or to earn your Bachelor degree, if you have to pay someone to write a paper on your behalf, you should opt for one of the cheap essay writing services and there could be none better than in this regard. The writers of this essay writing service are experts in the relevant fields and the best part is that you can discuss with them about your requirements and they will write down your thoughts and ideas just the way you would want. The file addition feature on the personal account for every customer lets you send relevant documents to the writers that might help them in writing your essay better.

A friend of mine chose to buy research papers for his course and the quality of researched material that he got from the seasoned professionals of was just outstanding. He was overwhelmed to see that many topics and contents that were a part of the research paper were not even known to him. Who could stop his grade A after this?

Features that makes them so reliable

The best features of that make them a truly unique and top essay writing services are as follows:

  • Availability of writers who could write in native British English as well as American English if required
  • They would do the plagiarism check of the essay before handing it over to the customer.
  • The elite panel of writers comprises of Ph.D. holders and experts of several fields.
  • Formatting of the whole essay or article is included in the package itself.
  • Dedicated editing team to ensure that zero misprints and formatting errors.
  • Free revision allowed at the click of the mouse. Equal responsiveness from customer support to cater to revisions as they were at the time of placing the order.
  • SMS notifications about the status of the essay writing.
  • 24/7 availability of helpful customer support

Fast and easy price calculation


  • Live chat facility for 24X7 customer service
  • Work delivered well within deadline
  • Extremely professional service


  • Poor quality of write-ups
  • Quality evaluation of writers not clear
  • Calls to customer support get disconnected if multiple queries are pitched

While it may sound unethical to buy research papers online that has been written by someone else, but thinking logically there is nothing wrong in. All you are doing is seeking help in framing up your thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper.




Reviews for writing service

Get your essays written by professional writers at

College life is certainly not the time to waste writing papers and essays to meet the requirements of your grumpy professors. The sad part of the story is that you actually cannot walk up to somebody and say “Hey, write my essay for me”, as everyone has their own papers to battle with. Well, this is what I thought until I got the chance to read a few paper writing service reviews that changed my life. I could pay someone to write a paper for me! It is through this custom essay writing service reviews that I came to know about

The homepage said it all!

The first appearance of the website of made me feel confident that I was in safe hands. The picture of the timer on the landing page was screaming to tell how much value these guys give to deadlines. While going through the dissertation writing services review on this site, I had read a long list of testimonials from clients who had spoken very high about the delivery before the deadline. Little was I aware at that point of time that I would be adding to that list very soon.

The ‘Instant price’ section on the homepage was easy enough to calculate the price that I was required to pay to avail the best essay writing services. After having compared the price with other top essay writing services, I could make it out that I was at the best essay writing website not only in terms of offering quality essays and dissertations but in terms of price as well. The only hitch that I felt, while navigating through the website was the absence of the list of services that they offered. Why on earth would they miss out on something as important as that!

Prices are competitive and placing order is simple

There is nothing called a free lunch and when you want to buy research papers online you will have to pay a price for that. Like any other essay writing service, the price of essays at would keep on adding as you would need papers for high levels at short deadlines. Every added feature like adding an abstract page or asking for the source of contents would come for a price here. The tabular grid available on the website made it fairly simple to understand the per page price for essays and dissertations.

After a lot of this and that, finally, when I placed the order, I found it to be a very hassle free process. The big orange box of ‘Order Now’ was present on every page of the website hence you could reach the order page pretty quickly. A simple three-step process and you would be placing the order for the essay paper that had taken your night’s sleep away.

List of services

The various services that are being offered at include essays, articles, biographies, creative writing, research papers, admission services, resume writing and many more. You may be from any stream and no matter how offbeat your stream of study may be if you want to buy research papers on your subject, you can do that. There are around 50 subjects that are being catered to here at

Mainstream subjects like accounting, biology, chemistry, criminal law, economics English, Marketing, history, geography etc. are obviously being catered to. In addition, not so mainstream ones like anthropology, film studies, religious studies etc. had also made their place in the list of subjects that you could get your essays written on.

Expert writers write plagiarism free essays here

The best part is that experts from the relevant fields were available to write the paper. I never wanted a Ph. D. of Chemistry to write my project paper on Geography and that is exactly what never happened to me. My writer was himself an expert of Geography and after getting the requirements from me he added quite a few things in essay paper that even I could not have added ever.

I found it really caring and intelligent act from the essay writing service that they did not use Turnitin to check the plagiarism of the essay that was written by their writer. With Turnitin, it is not possible to check the same paper twice as it uploads all documents on its server. My professor would have failed me if it was Turnitin reviewed paper as when he would have tried to verify the plagiarism, it would have shown that the document already existed.

If there are worries regarding how safe dissertation writing service is this, those fears can go down the drains as these experts keep information of their clients completely confidential.


  • Live chat and Skype call
  • Professional customer support


  • Poor quality of write-ups
  • Projects often allotted to amateur writers
  • Higher rates




Ultius review

Never miss a deadline for submitting an assignment with writers from writing for you

When you battle against a deadline to submit an assignment and half of the paper is yet to be written, how helpless you feel? The chill down the spine at the very thought of the grades that you would get owing to incomplete assignment could just ruin your day. It is now time to say goodbye to all these woes, as you avail good quality and cheap essay writing service at the best essay writing website

Very user-friendly website

The layout of the site is very simple, yet very sophisticated. You get to see the services that are available right on the first tab. The pricing tab has the self-explanatory pricing table that gives you a fair idea of how much you would need to spend while you buy research papers written by the experts of With the minimum price per page at $18, I thought that it is a little bit pricier than other cheap custom essay writing services, but going forward as I downloaded my content and went through it, I felt that the price was so very justified.

Another thing that would catch your attention is the paper writing services reviews from the satisfied customers which are made available on the home page itself. These reviews speak high of the services at As a first timer who would pay someone to write a paper, a look at the dissertation writing services review and innumerable other positive reviews made such a positive impact. Initially, I was afraid that are paper writing services legit enough to be relied on. Going through the website and post speaking to the customer support guy I realized that there is nothing illegitimate in availing writing services from the best essay writing website.

Excellent writing service at your disposal

Expert panel of writers who specialize in certain subjects are waiting to hear from you to write your essays and research documents on your behalf. The moment you place an order for any of their services, your writer would get in touch with you to know more about the essay. While the work is in progress, should you need to contact the writer anytime, you are free to do so here at I had been interacting with my writer constantly on the essay that he was writing for my assignment at college. Each time I contacted, I got responded and got a satisfactory answer to my query.

The services at include essay writing, academic writing, editing services, research paper writing, dissertations writing and many more. Talking of essay writing, the writers of this service are experts at writing different types of essays which include generic essays, comparative essays, reflective essays, critical essays, just to name a few.

Features that are simply rocking

The nest features of the essay writing service are listed below. These are the characteristics that are not only claimed by the company but are agreed by frequent customers.

  • Deadlines are handled with 100% priority
  • Simple 5-step process to get quality writing work
  • Qualified American writers who are specialized on what they are writing on
  • 100% original content which is checked for plagiarism before handing over
  • Multiple modes of contacting which include live chat support, help line number and email services as well
  • Access to various sources that many other services do not have
  • Extended Revision time of up to 7 days for unlimited revisions

Meeting deadlines is the specialty of I had placed my order of a generic essay with a deadline of just 6 hours as I was really running short of time. I was not very confident initially that within such a short timeline, the writer would be able to deliver the essay that would fetch me good grades.

However, to my surprise well before the deadline was over I got a message from my writer. My content was ready and I was asked to review it once before final download. A quick read down of the content brought the widest smile on my face as I would never have been able to write such content-rich paper in such a short duration! I really thank my stars for selecting at the last hour which ensured that I got the best grades in my assignment.


  • A rating of BBB
  • Professional customer support
  • Quick TAT


  • Higher rates
  • Best suited for research paper writing
  • Live chat not quite responsive



Now, that we have taken a look at all the above writing services, which you can avail for getting your college essays and reports written, it is time to announce the winners! From all the above writing services, two are a standout – and It is not always the range of write-ups that these agencies offer, which makes them the best but it is definitely the quality of the service. The quality of these two services is simply mind blowing – both in terms of the quality of write-ups and turnaround time.

College students and research scholars can’t spare a lot of time writing essays or dissertations – they have to focus and devote time for other academic activities. Freelance writers or writing agencies offering academic writing in the form of research paper writing, essay writing, dissertation write-ups etc. can be of great help. Their services can prove to be immensely beneficial if the writings are completed within the deadline and well under a decent budget. In this article, we have tried to understand, which essay writing service is the best by individually reviewing each of the above writing service.

After using all the services, I am quite convinced that and are offering what no other service is doing in the market. Quality service is all about delivering the right quality within a stipulated or agreed time and PaperHelp and EvolutionWriters are doing that perfectly.



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